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Damián Karo

Damián Karo was born in 1971 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and grew up in the neighborhoods of Flores and Floresta. He has five children. For 20 years he lived within the Haredi world where he performed his rabbinical training. He specialized in Talmud, Halacha and mysticism. At that time he worked as Rabbi of a community in Villa Crespo, He was part of the executive management of Chabad Luvabich Argentina and he gave classes and lectures in formal and non-formal areas.

He worked for three years in Barranquilla, Colombia as a rabbi and as a high school teacher at the Colegio Hebreo Unión in that city. In 2006, he began to distance himself from the Orthodox world in order to approach liberal Judaism. That year he was executive director of Fundación Judáica and then Rabbi of the Gran Templo Paso for two years. Since 2010 he has been rabbi of the Templo Libertad, the oldest Jewish community in Argentina, where he founded the Beit Midrash (house of study and interpretation) Iesodá Shel Torah.

He participated in the creation of the Ibero-American Institute for Reform Rabbinical Education, he is its first dean, and also a teacher for students of levels Yeshiva and Rabanut. He is member of the first Reform Beit Din of Argentina. He is also the author of Vivir sin etiquetas (Ediciones B, 2013), where he reflects on cultural mandates and the need to stir the interior, the bottom of the tea cup, to discover new flavors, to experience otherways the intensity of existence.